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Consulting & Coaching

Rising Scholars LLC strives to assist educational organizations improve their performances and services. Rising Scholars LLC will work closely with staff to cultivate a thriving environment.  Each client is giving a unique action plan to fit the organizations needs.  Rising Scholars LLC believes that with additional support organizations can reach their full sustainable potential. 


Co-teaching is the practice of pairing two educators together to provide instruction for students.   Rising Scholars can assist educators in building a healthy co-teaching relationship.

Calm Classroom

Managing multiple children with multiple temperaments can be challenging.  Rising Scholars will observe, assess, and work with staff to create a calm classroom conducive to learning.

Difficult Behaviors

Having children with difficult behaviors can be challenging and disrupt the function of the classroom.  Rising Scholars coaching will guide staff to create strategies to work with problematic behaviors. 

Best Practices & Parent Engagement

Rising Scholars coaching  will assist centers in increasing parent engagement and creating standard practices that are above state standards.  This will set your center above the rest.

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